Top Reasons To Live In A Redding Gated Community

Gated Communities

Every location has it's advantages and disadvantages. Every lifestyle has it's perks and drawbacks. Our desires, wants, and moods swing like a pendulum from day to day, rendering it nigh impossible to predict our future preferences. Today, we want to relax in the solace of a large home, furnished with all the modern comforts and conveniences, enjoying technology and the entertainment experience it can facilitate. Tomorrow, this lifestyle might just as easily disgust us, as we find a longing in our innermost being for adventure and conquest. While one individual might easily satisfy this drive for more with a local game of pickup basketball, others might need a trip to the mountains where hiking or high-speed skiing might be the answer. We all have multiple parts of ourselves that must be satisfied; we all have contrasting, sometimes even conflicting, drives that steer our actions. Ultimately, where we live comes down to how we prioritize these drives and the opportunities we choose to pursue. One man's junk is another's treasure. One man's cabin is another's castle. And for the purposes of this article, one man's dream is a gated community in the suburbs.

You may not like the suburbs. If you find yourself between the ages of 15 and 25, odds are it's the dullest place on Earth. But don't worry, by the time you're old enough, rich enough, and mature enough to begin considering the purchase of your own home, you will be right back in the suburbs, probably wishing you made a bit more so you could afford to get a nice place in that Redding gated community. You suddenly understand why your parents chose a similar spot.

  1. You don't put a gate around something unless it's nice. - Gated communities are gated for a reason. The added security requires incomers to at least know someone who lives there. These communities tend to host nicer homes and a generally more white collar environment, which tends to be attractive to the type of person seeking to live there.
  2. Kids - This is really the story of the gated community. The suburbs are about as boring as a Miley Cyrus impersonator until you suddenly have kids of your own and suddenly "boring" becomes "safe," "stable," and "a suitable learning environment." Gated communities are just the next level up from your basic suburbs in this regard. They are a little bit safer, a little bit more affluent, and at times a little bit more closely knit.
  3. Networking and Influence - As we mentioned before, gated communities tend to attract a white collar sort of crowd. If you are familiar with modern economics you know that virtually all business in this day and age has the potential to intersect. If you are the owner of a small but locally successful paper supply business, living next to the regional manager of Staples can never be a bad thing. People enjoy doing business with other enjoyable people, so if you find yourself fortunate enough to enjoy your neighbors' company, it's always nice for both of you to be able to mutually benefit financially from the relationship. And of course, this one goes right back to the kids. Why raise your kids anywhere else when they could be hanging around doctors, accountants, and managers. A good job may not be the key to their happiness in life, but it sure won't hurt.
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